Use our customized Processing Solutions for Your E-Cigarette/Vape Business.

Lightfire Merchant Services is a Premium Merchant Services Provider specializing in servicing those within the E-Cigarette/Vape industry.

E-Cigarette/Vape Business

Whether you are a start-up business looking to make your mark in the industry or a wholesaler that is already processing large volumes, LightFire Merchant Services is the best solution for your business.
We service all E-Cigarette/Vape merchants types, including Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer merchants.
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We are already part of the E-Cigarette/Vape Industry

When deciding on a merchant services provider, you want to be confident that you are working with a merchant services provider that has a complete understanding of your industry.
Our parent company, LightFire Group, has been working with retail and wholesale E-Cigarette/Vape business. We are fully aware the challenges associated with growing your business because we’ve experienced them too!

A Stable, Low Cost Processing Solution

In order to start accepting credit cards to maximize revenue, your business must have an active Merchant Account.
Lightfire Merchant Services can provide you with a stable processing solution at the lowest rates with unparalleled customer service.
If you are an E-Cigarette/Vape merchant that would like to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and/or Discover, then we are the right fit for you!

Multiple Processing Partners

Lightfire Merchant understands that different businesses have different processing
needs. Our network of multiple processing partners allows us to choose the best solution customized for your business to help you maximize revenue and minimize expenses.

Start Accepting Payments in as little as 48 hours with Next Day Funding

Our streamlined application process enables us to get your merchant account approved in as little as 48 hours. Once your merchant account is up, you will have the convenience of receiving Next Day Funding directly into your business bank account.

All-­in-­One Payment Acceptance Solution

Lightfire Merchant Services has multiple secure payment gateway options that can be catered to your business’ needs allowing you to accept payments and process transactions the way YOU want! We are fully aware the challenges associated with growing your business

Wholesale/B2B Processing Solutions.

Most B2B transactions are large ticket, Card‐Not‐Present (CNP) transactions with corporate or purchasing cards. LightFire Merchant Services has solutions designed with these business types in mind to lower your fees allowing you to grow your business!

Retail Processing/POS Systems

If you have a retail store, you already know the importance of having a Point of Sale (POS) system to satisfy both your customers. Our reliable and easy‐to‐use POS options will “keep the line moving” allowing your retail store to maximize its revenue.

Unparalleled Customer Service.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. In order for us to be satisfied about the services we provide, we know our merchants must continuously be satisfied with the services we provide. Our team is available to assist our merchants 24/7/365.

Why Choose Us?

1. We Fully Understand the E-Cigarette/Vape Industry.

Our parent company Lightfire Group has done business with over 3,000 E-cigarette/Vape businesses worldwide. Whether you have a B2B wholesale business or a retail store, we know what’s important to your business when it comes to merchant processing because we’ve gotten that information from the existing clients of Lightfire Group.

2. Complimentary Processing Statement Analysis.

Our team is standing by to analyze your existing processing statements at no risk and no cost to you. During this analysis, we will identify specific pricing points where we can lower your fees.
To submit a processing statement, simply click on the “Apply Now” tab, upload a copy of your most recent processing statement, and we’ll get back to you with a detailed analysis within one business day.

3. Ancillary Services.

Lightfire Merchant Solutions also offers additional services that you may need to grow your business.
Our ancillary services include: Chargeback/Fraud Prevention, Merchant Cash Advances, and/or ACH Check Processing.

4. We Seek Long-Term Relationships.

At Lightfire Merchant Solutions, we want to be your processor for the life of your business. We prioritize customer service and low pricing over everything else because we know that if you are satisfied with the services we provide, a long term relationship is imminent.

Get Ecig Merchant Accounts Up and Running - Fast!

Lightfire Merchant has created a solution that is easy to use and cost-effective for Vape/E-Cigarette businesses to efficiently offer both online and in-store credit card payment options to its customers.